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The Great Ocean Road

Two and a half weeks with one my closest and oldest friends after being away from her for nearly three years would not have been complete without a road trip! As I had just left my English Torquay it seemed only right to start it in the Australian Torquay...


Beth moved to Melbourne just over a year ago, so I knew that was where I was going to start my Australia trip, and the Great Ocean Road was first up on that bucket list. Beth's housemate Cody and I decided the night before and she said she would drive, so the next morning the three of us were up and off early!

This was one of the best days. The views were incredible the whole way, the music was ultimate chill road trip worthy, mostly Sticky Fingers + Holy Holy courtesy of Cody's solid music taste. The girls were nice enough to stop every time they knew I wanted a photo of the view and we stopped for sushi on the way. I cannot imagine two better people to have spent this day with.

Beth and Cody!

The Twelve Apostles was the landmark for the end of road trip and start of our journey home.There's not quite twelve left but they are magnificent. We could not have picked a more perfect day. The sun was high and the way the light fell and reflected off the water onto rock made the colours come alive. We stayed for a while just staring in awe.

I feel so lucky that I got to spend two and a half weeks in Melbourne with one of my closest friends, and she had two of the loveliest most welcoming housemates. They showed me around the city and took me to their favourite spots. They allowed me to stay in their home and introduced me to their friends. I felt so at home in Melbourne and was enjoying my stay. It made me nervous to leave for the next step of my journey, as this would be the first time I was travelling alone.

Beth and I at the 12 Apostles.

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