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Kenyan Safari

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The smallest plane I have ever been on with just eight seats, flying over the Maasai Mara National Reserve, unreal. My housemate Zaz grew up in Kenya and her sister Chania works on one of the safari camps, and I am lucky enough for them to be treating me to a three day safari! An experience I will forever be grateful for...

Hyena breakfast

Stepping off the plane and into the 4x4 with our driver (Josphat) and our spotter (Kimani), I did not expect the first thing we saw. Our spotter can hear hyena not far off so we change direction, about five minutes later we are greeted by about 50 hyena, two separate packs, fighting over breakfast. They do not pay much attention to us and carry on eating but I cannot believe how close we are, or how many there are! The most surreal but utterly amazing experience. The hyena started to disperse so we moved on to find the hippos for our breakfast!

Zaz with hippos.

I have to admit the first night we went to the tent to sleep I was a little on edge as something kept pressing its nose against our tent, obviously inquisitive but only small. The next morning we awoke to the sound of elephants munching on the grass and out the front we could see zebra grazing. We had breakfast out on the veranda then headed out.

Mother and her little one.

We had arrived just after mating season so there were quite a few babies bumbling around, elephant calves hiding in their mothers shade, baby giraffes feeding on the lower branches below their parents.

We had sun downers, which is a picnic and drinks at sunset which was stunning, Chania had just got her puppy so was a chance to take her out and about as well. We were surrounded by antelope and could hear lions in the distance, utterly amazing.

Niara at sunset.

The next day we went to meet the Maasai Tribe, we were greeted with so much colour and so much dancing, even being dragged up with the women to sing and dance too. They were so keen to show us how they live, in handmade huts, and showing us to make fire. Some of their traditions such as the men dancing and jumping, whoever jumps the highest is worthy of the woman. We got shown their handmade bowls, sculptures and jewellery, we were introduced to the children who absolutely loved the camera. We were so warmly welcomed it was fascinating to see how they lived.

Jumping tribesman.

Dancing and singing tribeswomen.

The children outside one of the huts.

A tribesmen wearing ostrich feathers.

We saw so many animals, this entire post could just be filled with images of what we saw, but that will never do justice to how amazing the experience was. We even saw a cheetah! A once in a lifetime experience and I am so grateful to Zaz and her family for being so kind, and to the people who work in the camp for keeping us safe and feeding us. For our driver who was so lovely and allowed us to see so much and answered all my questions. To the Maasai Tribe for welcoming us into their home. To see such beautiful animals in their natural habitat is something I have wanted to do since I was five, it outdid all expectations and I was in awe the entire time. Thank you Kenya!


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